January 24th, 2004


Journey into the "City" = Sydney CBD

Today I took a trip into big bad "down town Sydney". I believe it helped my eyesight. I had a bowl of Chinese soup in Chinatown had a brief look at the shops and headed home (distant Werrington, but still part of Sydney).

On the way into the city what "CityRail" describe as "rolling stock" stopped rolling and there was general confusion as trains headed hither and thither without anyone knowing which direction they were headed.

On the return trip I stopped off in St. Marys and when sitting at the station was told there had been a "lightning strike" and train services were suspended until further notice. I cursed the ALP and the Trade Unions but it appeared this was an "Act of God" who decided for some unknown reason to throw thunderbolts this way.

As as result I walked home from St. Mary's to Werrington overburdened with shopping while attempting to blow flies from my face. I think at times one of those Aussie "cork hats" (where the corks bobble around to upset the flies) would be useful.

Such is my life.

My eyes are no longer sore, but I am having trouble reading what I type....
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