January 13th, 2004


Second day of "Active Participation"

I spent most of the day entering resume information into another Internet database. Interestingly the information I entered yesterday has turned up in 9 search results been viewed in it's entirety by four parties and I have a guarded expression of interest from one employer to which I have clicked "Accept". This doesn't mean an interview. Just a willingness to discuss.

I have telephoned referees (former employees) who have helped me in the past and I thank them for their loyalty often in times of personal difficulty.

They agreed readily and willingly to being listed as a referee. No hesitation at all..

"Yes Mate. No Problem !"

There was a telephone call this evening from an agency at the "docs". I lost the call but can follow through tomorrow.

The "doc" suggests the procedure is designed to prevent people "double dipping" - taking moonlight jobs in the daytime. He may be correct. He noticed a certain weariness on my part and said he's willing to sign a certificate if it "becomes too much". So far I believe the procedure is helpful and I mingle with my fellow unemployed from all walks of life. Some of their language is a little on the "coarse" side and that's just the women who are attempting to find work driving dump trucks :-)

It rained heavily this evening. It was a nuisance but a welcome relief from the heat even if everything I wear is now soaking wet and I needed to retrieve my mail in rolled up trouser legs. I now have three soggy resumes (sigh).
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