January 12th, 2004


First day of "Active Participation"

Arrived at 9 am. Stared at newspapers.

Had a brief interview with my sub-advisor who explained that "lots of no's are the way to an ultimate yes".

Permitted to use one of three Internet terminals for 20 minutes. No paper available for printouts although this was rectified towards the end of the day.

Registered a resume at www.seek.com.au (on advice). One hour permitted for lunch. Resident "job finder" not available until next Monday.

Stared at the same newspapers about 20 times until I fell asleep. Permitted to go home one hour early.

Listened to earnest job seekers comments with regard to weapons of mass destruction, John Howard, George W Bush and our State Premier the Hon Bob Carr MP

More tomorrow....

(and for three days a week for the next three months)