January 7th, 2004



I won't mention Woomera but on the subject of weapons of mass destruction used widely in the Pacific.....

MURUROA (link)

Since 1945, the nuclear powers have exploded more than 2,000 nuclear devices.

The French have exploded 175 in the Pacific.

... and if the locals object their secret service destroys them (Rainbow Warrior)


Maralinga (South Australia) link....

Maralinga was a direct act of genocide. Nuclear weapons contain radioactive substances poisonous for up to 250 000 years and contaminate land and water systems. The radioactive exposure of the tests was extensive as dense radioactive clouds travelled far and caused much sickness and death of surrounding communities. Traditional owners speak of the black mist that caused blindness and cancer. The British and Australian service personnel involved in the tests were also exposed to radioactive contamination. The area remains unsafe for habitation for 250 000 years is just another case of nuclearisation perpetrating directly and indirectly acts of genocide upon indigenous and non-indigenous people.

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My job network member sent me for an interview with an agency today.

The client seemingly wants someone who can fit into a "male dominant" organisation.

I asked whether this was legal or not but was told that although they do have females working there the non office staff (who sometimes frequent the premises) can at times be somewhat "liberal with their language".

Issue pending.

"Active Participation" starts Monday.