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Israel Sex Festival Sextival Penetrates Tel Aviv - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Israel Sex Festival Sextival Penetrates Tel Aviv [Feb. 10th, 2008|04:41 pm]
Bob Bain
From the Israel News Agency...(link to article)

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem ----- February 5, 2008 ....... The first ever sex festival in Israel got off to a hot start this evening.

Hanger 11 in the northern Tel Aviv port can now boast the proud record for having the most vibrating plastic dildos in one place in the Middle East. For many the soft, skin like rocket shaped devices, oils, candles and live erotic shows spelled relief for the enlightened citizens of this tiny Jewish nation. A free and tolerant democracy which lives under the constant and lethal threat of more deadly shaped rockets from Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and Syria.

The three day sex festival known as Sextival began as chilly, winter weather embraced those who approached Hanger 11, an old customs building and warehouse now turned into a huge special event hall. Passing by the many elegant and exclusive restaurants, stylish clothing stores, jazz clubs and stray cats on the boardwalk one had a sense of being out of place going to a "sex festival" in Tel Aviv, Israel.


In Jewish law, sex is not considered shameful, sinful or obscene. Although sexual desire comes from the yetzer ra (the evil impulse), it is no more evil than hunger or thirst, which also come from the yetzer ra. Jewish rabbis would say that like hunger, thirst or other basic instincts, sexual desire must be controlled and channeled, satisfied at the proper time, place and manner. But when sexual desire is satisfied between a husband and wife at the proper time, out of mutual love and desire, sex is a mitzvah.

Note for Senator Conroy: I am concerned about the gun !

back to NEIS tomorrow...