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Australia: Filtered Internet Criticized (Marxist Thought Online) - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Australia: Filtered Internet Criticized (Marxist Thought Online) [Feb. 8th, 2008|08:44 am]
Bob Bain
More from some red's (presumed to be under the bed).... (quoting the Guardian Newspaper in the United Kingdom)

Filtered content criticised (Political Affairs Magaine)

"Waving the ‘save the children’ flag may be good politics, but it ignores serious technological problems which will likely cause the proposed scheme to fail", said EFA Chair Dale Clapperton. "Furthermore, Australia is supposed to be a liberal democracy where adults have the freedom to say and read what they want, not just what the government decides is ‘appropriate’ for them.

"These announcements smack of the condescending paternalism which contributed to the downfall of the Howard government," Clapperton continued. "The proposals threaten the free speech rights of every Australian, and our concerns will not be silenced by government sound bites equating free speech with access to child pornography."

While the Minister makes no apologies for this alarming development, he has given us little reason to put our faith in his bureaucrats to administer such a system competently, transparently and fairly.

"Who decides what is ‘appropriate’ for adult Australians to read on the internet, and according to what standards?", asked Clapperton. "What will happen if the government decides that information about abortion or gay marriage is ‘inappropriate’ at the behest of Family First Senator Steve Fielding?"


Such be the "quotes of the day". I spent all day yesterday on 4 NEIS assignments including a crucial "Executive Summary". I have a formal 40 minute interview in Penrith today with the NEIS training people. From what I understand this counts as part of the assessment for a Certificate IV in Small Business Management. This leaves two assignments for next week (meaning 18 assignments of 20 have been completed) and formal completion of a business plan. Next week is the final week of NEIS traning. If I don't qualify for a Certificate IV (a nationally recognised qualification) there are other certificates that can be awarded - including statements of attainment and statements of attendance (for turning up most days - although I haven't missed a day of the course). The weather has been appalling.