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Revealed: The ultra-violent sex movies being made in Milton Keynes - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Revealed: The ultra-violent sex movies being made in Milton Keynes [Jan. 31st, 2008|12:06 am]
Bob Bain
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Link to thisislondon.co.uk article...

However Van der Hulst continues to operate a raft of similar sites, charging subscribers £25 a month to view pornographic images of [censored words unsuitable for those under the age of 14]

The introduction on one site boasts that the footage is all made by Van der Hulst's own company, 3Fall Productions.

It says: "We have exclusive breath control play action. Also we show BDSM [bondage, discipline, dominance and submission] and ropeworks. Not the same old material you will see on every site, but fresh and exclusive material made by ourselves."

One of the British models paid £350 a day to act out the sick fantasies said: "One of the reasons why Van der Hulst films here in the UK is because he has so many subscribers here - and models here are prepared to do the work."

very sexy (and large) image of someone named Faye Pilgrim who seemingly appeared in the video follows

One site alone has more than 3,000 members, according to an insider at the internet service provider. "That adds up to a lot of money," the model added. "But the downside is that they want more and more new footage. That is why they are churning this stuff out every couple of weeks." The venue for the UK filming is an £180,000 luxury flat on the eighth floor of the trendy Hub development in the centre of Milton Keynes, just a few hundred yards from a police station. It is rented from a local businesswoman by 23-yearold glamour model Faye Pilgrim

When we confronted Van der Hulst in his Netherlands home yesterday, he said: "Once again my business is legal.

"Just because it is not morally acceptable to you does not mean it is illegal or criminal." However, after we spoke to him, the father of two abruptly closed down the site containing the Milton Keynes footage to new members. And despite his insistence that he was doing nothing illegal, Van der Hulst pointedly refused to answer questions about the footage shot in Milton Keynes. His silence may be because filming such scenes in the UK contravenes the Obscene Publications Act. A Ministry of Justice spokeswoman said that distributing or producing the violent pornography is illegal in Britain.

since last week I believe... we have some material similar to this in Penriff !