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NEIS training end of week 3 - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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NEIS training end of week 3 [Jan. 26th, 2008|10:54 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |confusedconfused]

Yesterday marked the end of the third of five week's of "intensive" traniing under the NEIS scheme. On Monday everyone had to complete a GST based cash analysis book, complete with wages calculatons, superannuation entitlements, petty cash and dividing car expenses between private and business - accounting for the GST by hand and then prepare a bank reconciliation and transfer the summarised totals to a GST - non GST cash flow form which is in preparation for the final Business Plan. The cash flow is designed around NEIS requirements. At the end of the day most people had developed a dislike for green analysis books which had to be prepared in pencil (an eraser was provided). It's been a mixture of book-keeping and a heavy emphasis on marketing and promotion and working out just when a startup business "breaks even" as this must occur during the first 12 months of operations in the Business Plan.

We have no marks yet for Monday's assignment although several assessments have been returned marked. There is a focus on interaction amongst the group. I have two assessments to complete Sunday and Monday (public holiday) as they are due on Tuesday and then we enter week 4.

On Friday the person who does art in the pub made a promotional flyer inviting the entire class to a pub in the Blue Mountains for his "Art in the Pub" exhibition.

This is Australia Day (Saturday) and I made my way to the pub. No art ! Eventually I ordered a pint of Guinness ($5.50) and asked about the art exhibition. The man behind the bar explained that management had canceled the display after viewing the exhibits, which it seems weren't deemed suitable for display within the pub. The man behind the counter explained that the pub does in fact "do art" but after review have decided in this instance to define the artworks as being "unsuitable for display". I'm told the NEIS student was informed of this yesterday evening.

"Now if we had a restricted area then perhaps ! BUT neither management nor 'the girls' approved of it..." and that was that.

I may get some feedback on this on Tuesday morning from the artist himself.

I noted that prices in the Blue Mountains are relatively expensive compared with the Penrith area. Monday is a public holiday as Australia Day fell on a Saturday.

I note that newly elected Labor MP David Bradbury appears to have moved into retiring MP Jackie Kelly's old office and that the unions have moved out of Woodriffe Street. I thought I posted some pictures from Woodriffe Street to this journal, but if I did I don't seem able to locate them. I believe I probably sent copies to the Chaser mob. I note the court case regarding their APEC "incident" has been deferred to March 2008. The charges against the Chaser team (from the ABC) relating to entering a prohibited zone and impersonating Osama Bin-Laden during the visit of George W Bush haven't been dropped.