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Reader's Digest expands into China.. - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Reader's Digest expands into China.. [Jan. 20th, 2008|09:38 pm]
Bob Bain
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Happy Birthday elsibeth (hu knows where yu r !)

Digital News Direct (article)

Reader's Digest Association and The Shanghai Press and Publishing Development Company Announce the Launch of 'Puzhi' Magazine in China

SHANGHAI, China, Jan. 8 PRNewswire — The Reader's Digest Association, Inc. (RDA), global publisher and marketer of books, magazines, music and video, and The Shanghai Press and Publishing Development Company (SPPD), today announced the launch of a new publication — Puzhi magazine in China. Puzhi will be published by Puzhi Magazine Incorporated, a wholly owned enterprise of SPPD under a Trademark and Copyright License Agreement with RDA.

Puzhi, which means "universal knowledge" in Mandarin, debuted today in The People's Republic of China. It will be available at about 43,000 retail outlets (including convenience stores, book stores and subways), newsstands and kiosks across 43 cities and 25 provinces with a target circulation of 420,000 copies.

"The launch of Puzhi is an enormously important achievement and step forward for Reader's Digest Association," said Mary Berner, RDA's President and CEO.

Wang You-Bu, General Manager of SPPD and Editor-in-Chief of Puzhi magazine, said: "Our partnership and cooperation will give readers in China a window on the world and at the same time help promote Chinese culture as a window of China to the rest of the world."

Rosemarie Wallace, Regional Managing Director of Reader's Digest Asia, said: "We are extremely excited about the partnership, which taps the synergies and strengths of both corporations with a commitment to produce a publication of supreme quality content and compelling reading, which will ultimately appeal to consumers in China. Our consumer research was tremendously encouraging, reflecting a need and desire for a high quality magazine by families in China."

As a window on the world, Puzhi will feature a rich and stimulating variety of compelling, insightful, relevant articles on everything from everything from science, health and medicine to arts, money management and more. It will have the high editorial standards of international publications in terms of credible, trusted and easy-to-read information that will appeal to urbanites and families in China.

The Reader's Digest Association, Inc. is a global publisher and direct marketer of books, magazines and home entertainment products that inform, entertain and inspire people of all ages and cultures around the world. The company publishes 90 magazines, including its flagship publication, Reader's Digest, the world's biggest-selling magazine. It is published in 50 editions and 21 languages. RDA's corporate headquarters are located near Pleasantville, New York. The corporate website is www.rda.com.

SOURCE The Reader's Digest Association, Inc.