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Bob Bain

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From the news... [Jan. 8th, 2008|08:24 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |sleepysleepy]

Dumbest Anti-Porn Campaign 2007...

Dumbest Anti-Porn Campaign: Right-wing organization Morality in Media dedicated a week to the WRAP (White Ribbons Against Pornography) campaign, asking people to wear white ribbons to increase awareness about the horrors of pornography. Along with ribbons, communities were encouraged to produce programs like a sing-along for elementary-school children called "Protect Their Minds" and a garbage-can labeling campaign with "We CAN Keep Our Minds Clean" stickers. Other national organizations joined in—my favorite was Citizens for Families, which posted the following reminder on its website: "In Utah, White Ribbon week will be during the months of February or March, so as not to conflict with Green Ribbon week, Red Ribbon week, and Family Week."

Net Alarmed makes the Australian newspaper...

Karen Dearne and Fran Foo - January 08, 2008

Mass blocking at the ISP level has prompted an outbreak of protest blogs, including NetAlarmed, a satirical website, created by Michael Meloni.

"I started the site last September to show voters what the ALP was planning, and how far internet censorship can go," he said.

"It may start with an opt-out provision, but once they have that control, in future anything can happen."

The Brisbane-based internet production manager said Senator Conroy had dismissed free speech concerns, basically branding "those who disagree with him as child pornographers".

"I find it amusing that the site Mr Rudd used to help win the youth vote, YouTube.com, could well be banned under the scheme because it contains content that requires an adult perspective," Mr Meloni said.

... then later in the day

Filters needed to battle child porn...

Bernadette McMenamin - January 08, 2008

IT is beyond belief that some representatives of the Australian internet service provider industry are reluctant to install filters that would prevent access to child pornography.

Surely any decent person would do all they can to protect children. However there exists a small but vocal group in Australia which is opposed to the federal Government’s proposal to introduce mandatory ISP filtering to block child pornography and other illegal content.

Only child pornography is illegal in New South Wales. Everything else is (almost) perfectly legal Ms. McMenamin.

Mike has organised an on-line petition at http://petitions.takingitglobal.org/oznetcensorship


Day 2 of the Certificate IV in Small Business Management complete. Day 3 tomorrow. If I complete the course I understand the newly elected Member of Parliament for Lindsay (David Bradbury) may be presenting the certificates. I understand in the past it used to be my now retired from politics ex Member of Parliament the Hon Jackie Kelly.