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Werrington - the home of the picture of the "Contented Cat" - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Werrington - the home of the picture of the "Contented Cat" [Jan. 6th, 2008|02:50 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |thirstythirsty]

The picture above hangs on my bedroom wall is in some small way of significance in my life - dating back to March 12th. 1994 when I hung it on the wall of my unit in Neutral Bay. The snapshots behind the cut tag are also from the video I took in Werrington on New Year's Day 2008.

Entrance to the townhouse (from Victoria Street)

Downstairs living room - sofa and two computers one Vista Home Premium the other Vista Business

Downstairs living room - TV (Samsung) and multimedia player

Downstairs living room - Mantle - Xmas cards from Trevor & Jenny - graduation bear - millennium bug - poems from dad's funeral

Downstairs living room - "Millennium Bug" - provided by Goodman Fielder to all it's staff and contractors in the year 2000 when it was decided that as there was no likelihood of such a bug appearing in computer systems staff and contractors might as well have one - just to make them happy :-)

Downstairs living room - another computer (the "official" downstairs XP Pro machine) - clock - it ticks and a framed Master of Commerce (Professional Accounting) silver plaque - could only be ordered at the graduation ceremony in March 2006 - stairs up to bathroom and upper living quarters. the doorway to the kitchen alcove and laundry alcove is visible - traces of a bicycle may be seen.. XP Pro laptop may be detected lying on the floor !

Downstairs living room - books - mostly computer books - some related to study and a few relating to odd things I have been known to read about. Anything Trevor sent to me regarding Alan is on the top shelf

Downstairs living room - where I place things that arrive in the mail - most of it perched on top of the "Box of Ten" referred to by the Hon Peter Breen MLC in correspondence to myself and which lies where I placed it after an agency of the Australian government sent it to me ( orders of Des Clark - Director of the Office of Film and Literature Classification )

a speech by Mr Clark about a year later can be viewed in pdf format HERE

several remote controls are visible .. ok there's a lot of things to control :-)

yes Mr Clark - I have questions...

Downstairs living room - the Vista Business Machine and the Vista Home Premium machine (connected to the downstairs TV set)

Downstairs kitchen alcove - microwave oven and usual cooking stuff

Downstairs kitchen alcove - facing the laundry alcove - where I've placed the bicycle (not sure where else to put it)

Upstairs entrance to the "second bedroom" - XP Pro machine used for study and "business related stuff" such as stock market analysis together with a Linux "magic box" (glowing lights not completely visible) and a printer..

Upstairs "second bedroom" - blue resting device - it works but tends to "give way" under pressure...

Upstairs "second bedroom" - Vista Home Premium machine (TV tuner) and XP Multimedia edition machine..

Upstairs "main bedroom" - XP Pro computer (being used to post this) - to the right of that is my Ubuntu Linux machine. Blue cover for the bed is visible - it's a Queen Size bed facing my upstairs TV set. When I get up each morning I check to see if the XP Pro machine is still connected to the Internet and then check for mail and delete spam and check the news on Google

Upstairs "main bedroom" - similar picture to above but Ubuntu Linux machine is in (or could be - if photographed correctly) focus ...

Upstairs "main bedroom" - several bits and pieces I'm thinking of "dealing with" (somehow)

From the "back yard" - view of the inner townhouse complex - the tree drops leaves on to my concrete !

From the "back yard" - flora outside my unit and part of the "inner townhouse complex"

Werrington railway station - WERRINGTON (self explanatory) - for computers to know where to get off)

Werrington railway station - near the ticket office - map shows where Werrington is on network

Werrington railway station - Indicator board - Platform 1 Werrington to the City (of Sydney) and Platform 2 Werrington to Penrith, Lithgow and the Blue Mountains

Werrington railway station - view towards Werrington campus of the University of Western Sydney (not visible in this picture) - the non shopping centre side of the station

Werrington railway station - train approaching on Platform 2 - headed for Penrith - two stops away

Werrington railway station - train at Platform 1 - heading for the City of Sydney and anything that may have happened there on New Year's Day (Fireworks from Sydney Harbour Bridge etc...)

Werrington railway station - another view of train at Platform 1 - the gentleman with the bicycle often talks to me on matters of philosophy and ethics. He claims to be an ex cop (Federal I think) who seemingly got run over by a bus which injured his cranium and if he doesn't take his tablets "things happen". I once asked him if he got compensation. He answered "no - I wasn't looking where I was going".

Werrington railway station - after the train left Platform 1. This is a typical Werringtonian (sigh) complete with beer bottle and good cheer and keen to be photographed. I told him that I wasn't interested so he tapped me on the stomach and said "Goodonya Mate"...

Kazanis Court - Westbus turning the corner past the townhouse complex. There's a bus stop at the shopping centre (such as it is)

Werrington Shopping Centre - most shops are boarded up - it's a public holiday (New Year's day)

Werrington Shopping Centre - the local "supermarket" - limited stock at expensive prices but open long hours

Werrington Shopping Centre - The "Fountain" restaurant

Werrington Shopping Centre - the chemist/pharmacist - I get tablets here

Werrington Post Office - it even opens on a Saturday. I'm known by sight so if anything is left there due to the fact it won't fit in my mail box I don't have to ask or produce proof of identitity

Flora outside Werrington Post Office

The Colonial Hotel - Werrington Pub !

local flora - outside the Colonial Hotel and facing the main entrace - the beer is cheap and it's a pleasant hotel with a bistro

more local flora

even more local flora

yet more local flora

and more

.. and that's enuff !

Narration has been added to the above images - which may take a few minutes to load for viewing purposes.

See also My Werrington Home Page (2002) text amended 5th. October 2005 due to suggestions that I might be suffering from an overdose of electrons..

electromagnetic radiation and clutter excepted!

I went into Sydney on Friday to purchase a binder for the manual for my Digital Video editing program. I have chosen not to add the video from which the snapshots above were taken to YouTube as it wouldn't make interesting enough viewing. I also purchased a copy of Charlie Chaplain's "The Dictator" (Chinese edition - in English with subtitles) which I watched yesterday. It's an interesting film depicting Charlie Chaplain as an Adolf Hitler style figure and much of it is still relevant today. I found the exchange between the pretend Adolf Hitler and the pretend Mussolini to be quite fascinating.

Tomorrow I commence the NEIS training course provided I manage to get out of bed in time to get to Penrith (two stops away) by 9 am. The course runs for six weeks - 9 am to 4 pm.

When a man is tired of Werrington he can catch the train.

"Ah, Werrington. It's just like being back in New Zealand"