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New Year's Eve.. - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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New Year's Eve.. [Dec. 31st, 2007|11:03 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

I have spent a reasonable amount of time today videotaping Werrington and the townhouse in which I live in preparation for a YouTube video which will most certainly not be exciting but will (as best as I can) document the area in which I live and reside. Scenes are mostly of the Townhouse, the park areas, trees and fauna, Werrington railway station and the Colonal Tavern. I have discovered I can add commentary to video when using the latest Womble video editor by using the open source Audacity program to record a commentary soundtrack as the edited video progresses, save it, import it into the Womble editor and adjust for the time lag between starting the video review and pressing the record button in Audacity.

It should be noted that everything I work with is in MPEG2 format (DVD .vob files) and that YouTube imposes limits on time (10 minutes per upload ) and on size ( 100 kilobytes ) so after editing a video has to be converted into a highly compressed format - usually wmv or one of the variations of MPEG4.

YouTube then converts the upload to .flv format and spends time creating three icons from the uploaded video. A YouTube user can change to another of the 3 icons but cannot determine what the icon should be.

I wish my (few) readers all the best for 2008.

I'm going to bed. When I wake up it will be just another day.