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In reply to Trevor (YouTube and Livejournal) - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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In reply to Trevor (YouTube and Livejournal) [Dec. 25th, 2007|12:11 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |pensivepensive]

One would expect to see a King in a Castle, even a carving of one, so I'm not sure what you are getting at in this dream thing.

There are a number of "types" of mental images that happen. A "dream" normally consists of a rehash of emotions and events in a person's life. There are other forms of imagery (rare) that appear to originate from "outside" or from the environment one finds oneself in. The image of a king wasn't associated with anything related to my emotions or events in my life. The impression I received was perceived to be a form of interaction with the environment and I left it to "time" to determine what (if anything) the image referred to. It was simply an image of a "king like" figure observed in the early hours of the morning and "noted" as being vivid and "significant in some way".

I hadn't heard of "Hamlet's" castle north of Copenhagen and had no prior intent to take a tour "Round the Sound" to Sweden and back to Copenhagen (a day trip). It was while visiting Copenhagen railway station that I saw a notice regarding the trip and bought a ticket. Kronberg castle is encountered after leaving the ferry from Sweden (a very short boat ride). It looked significant and definitely "spooky" so I took it upon myself to wander into the grounds and have a look. I believe it was the guide book that alerted me to the fact that this was the castle in which Shakespeare placed the entirely fictitious "Hamlet" character. There never was a "Hamlet" (alleged "King of Denmark") although there appear to be references to a similar character either real or otherwise in Icelandic mythology. As stated my thought was "if I enter this castle I feel it likely that I may come across the image of the king seen as an image the night before." I thumbed through some brochures but found no likely reference and simply forgot about it until I transferred the Copenhagen street scenes to YouTube yesterday. While munching on a pie yesterday it occurred to me to use the Internet to determine if there was a king like figure I could associate with the castle and the imagery. I found it in the URL posted yesterday. The visage of king is almost identical to that in the dream.

It may (or may not) be interesting to note that Hans Christian Andersen wrote about Holger Danske in 1845 and that Hans Christian Andersen lived in a number of houses in NyHaven (featured as rather drab buildings in the video uploaded to YouTube yesterday.)

Holger Danske by Hans Christian Andersen (1845) link...

I saw your Denmark video and some of the Mexico and New York ones, but I did not have time to spend so long watching them. perhaps I can manage one each computer session. To be honest, I found the one you put up absolutely ages ago more interesting (can't recall where), and of course the mum and dad ones.

I have been meaning to "complete the set" from 1992 for some time. It was discourse with level_head in my journal entry at LiveJournal comments with regards to climate and pollution which enticed me to edit and upload video from Mexico City. There is an emphasis in the video on pollution from opening remarks regarding the Angel Monument to comments on the conversion of taxi cabs such that they produced less pollution. Taxi cabs that had been converted were in 1992 coloured green. There are remarks from Ivan about the pollution (he found it difficult to breath) and I made remarks about sulphur obscuring the view of Mount Popocatepetl. At the time Mexico City was the largest city in the world and also considered a city in which it was considered unsafe to live by the United Nations due to the invisible gases. I understand that Beijing has overtaken Mexico City in this regard.

Both videos bring back memories. It is only within the past six months they have been transferred from micro tape to DVD. All have been numbered by the New South Wales police department - and from memory were subject to possible investigation by Interpol. If you can find anything in those tapes that would constitute "offensive content" (and there is nothing there but what you see) please let me know. I do hoevever have videotapes of rape purchased locally that would make most people sick to the stomach which the police have chosen to ignore and which have been returned to me for enforcement purposes by those entrusted with law enforcement. I am awaiting a reply from the newly elected Federal Attorney General and the Prime Minister of Australia (Kevin Rudd) in respect of these matters.