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Thursday evening.. - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Thursday evening.. [Nov. 22nd, 2007|07:35 pm]
Bob Bain
Policies produced in a puff of smoke - Letters to the Editor SMH 2004...

Samuel Taylor Coleridge produced the famous poem Kubla Khan while in an opium-induced state. Now Mark Latham admits he was a dope smoker. I can just see it now ... after polishing off Karl Marx's epic communist manifesto Das Kapital Mark lit up some party cones, inhaled, pontificated, then produced the bestseller Civilising Global Capital. I shudder what mind-altering substances he may turn to in order to produce his eagerly awaited economic and taxation policies.

Greg Chijoff, Glenmore Park, July 24.

Fake flyer distributors apologise..

The men responsible for the bogus Islamic leaflet distributed in the Liberal electorate of Lindsay in New South Wales have apologised. Both have been forced to resign as members of the Liberal Party after the distribution of campaign flyers which falsely linked the ALP with Islamic extremists.

Ms Kelly laughed off the incident this morning but her husband Gary Clark has since written to the NSW Liberal Party, saying he now recognises producing the flyer was a foolish action. He has apologised in particular to the Muslim community and says he bears no malice. Greg Chijoff has also apologised, saying his wife was outraged when she heard about the incident. He says she is a warm and genuine woman who has always been a passionate supporter of different cultures and he is saddened to have caused such embarrassment to the Liberal Party.


I downloaded the offending leaflet this morning at DEN. A Christian unemployed woman with a disability viewed it over my shoulder and made some comments which led to "an incident" involving Don of DEN. This lady left stating that she was entitled to speak her mind and then declared that she didn't wish to be there and walked out...