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Bob Bain

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Kellygate [Nov. 22nd, 2007|03:16 pm]
Bob Bain
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Kellygate - Lindsay members wont be sacked says PM (link)..

By Scopical News/Data Published: 22 November 2007 2:40pm
Kellygate: Lindsay members won't be sacked says PM

Prime Minister John Howard has said he will not seek disciplinary action against outgoing Lindsay member and former Government Minister Jackie Kelly, or her potential successor, candidate Karen Chijoff.

- PM wont sack Lindsay candidate
- More revelations of unethical campaign tactics
- Matter referred to Australian Federal Police

Both Ms Kelly's and Ms Chijoff's husbands today admitted to playing a part in distributing racist pamphlets; documents shown to encourage residents into voting Labor because of an alleged "soft on terrorism" approach to Foreign Affairs.

Mr Howard said that husbands and wives were, although in a partnership, responsible for their own actions, and he would not sack or take action against Ms Kelly or his now Liberal candidate Karen Chijoff.

"We... live in a society where we treat husbands and wives, although we respect the closeness of their relationship, we treat them as individuals and we shouldn't automatically transfer blame for the deeds of one onto the other," Mr Howard said.

The PM also said that he did not think public funds had been used in the printing and distribution of the pamphlets.

"I would be perfectly astonished if any public funds were used," he said.

Ms Kelly was this morning attacked by both the Prime Minister and the Labor Party for initially calling the incident a "Chaser style prank", saying it was "quite funny" when on first reading the leaflet.

However the PM disagreed with his former Minister, saying that it was no joke, and that he took the matter very seriously.

Mr Howard refused to apologise for the incident, saying he had nothing to do with it, and that those involved should apologise themselves.

Photographs of the Liberal supporters emerged this morning, showing Mr Clark and several other members, including NSW State Liberal Executive Jeff Egan, and Greg Chijoff, husband of the now Liberal candidate, participating in the letter dropping.