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Wednesday - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Wednesday [Nov. 21st, 2007|01:17 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |busybusy]

On Monday having fasted I asked the doc to do a blood test for Cholesterol and Blood Glucose levels (as suggested by the cardiologist). The resulting test is littered with numbers some relating to kidney functions etc. The GP looked at them and gave me a copy about 15 minutes ago. He regards everything as "normal" or at least "nothing to get excited about".

Blood Glucose Level 5.0 (fasting limits 3.0 - 5.5 ) - not flagged as a problem
Cholesterol (Fasting) 5.7 (limits 3 - 5.5) - flagged as slightly high but the doc didn't seem to indicate that he considers it a problem.

Apart from that everything about the blood sample seems to be ok. No kidney related problems or liver related problems.

On Monday I ...

a) purchased a bicycle
b) had an interview for NEIS

As discussed with Trevor in email I was wondering if casually riding a bike would be "good" or "bad" given my heart condition. Perusing the Internet yesterday it seems that cycling, brisk walking and swimming are "ok" but lifting isn't. This morning was the first chance I got to test it. I wobbled a bit at first but ended up cycling to the post office and then Werrington pub and then Werrington County (usually an hours walk). I didn't time the trip to Werrington County but timed the trip back into Werrington and timed the trip at 10 minutes. I hardly had to pedal on the return trip. In fact for most of the Werrington Country to Werrington Station ride the bike required no pedaling at all. I guess it's downhill all the way. Riding the bike doesn't appear to be stressful and is probably good for various parts of the body which aren't getting exercise. I meant to purchase a bike when I first moved into this unit but have always been worried about storage space. It fits into the kitchen alcove and takes up a bit of space but it isn't a major problem

Notes for Trevor. The bike is blue and it is compulsory in New South Wales if riding a bike on public streets to wear a helmet so a purchased one with the bike. It's black and horrible but fits.

The guy interviewing me for NEIS filled in an application form. He seemed to believe I meet the criteria. They select people for the scheme on Wednesdays (today) and he said if it is approved ( he didn't seem to believe there would be a difficulty) a letter would be sent out on Thursday. The bottom line is that if accepted I would be required to attend a six week intensive Certificate IV in Small Business Management starting on Monday January 7th (to mid February) and would still be on the dole (New Start Allowance). Part of the course (in fact the main objective) is to draw up a business plan and if things go well then a person graduating with the Certificate IV in Small Business Management would (possibly) be invited to apply for the NEIS allowance which is administered and paid by the Department of Workplace Relations on a regular fortnightly basis and not subject to the limits Centrelink imposes. It isn't permitted under the scheme to apply for an ABN (which registers the business with the tax office) until the course is complete.

I expect this to be the outcome (that is I'll probably be selected for NEIS training). I've told Don at DEN about it. He said that not many people on his books have done NEIS but of the few that have he's "never seen them again" after selection.

NewStart would apply until completion of the NEIS training program and during the six week course I would be exempt from attending DEN. Don told me that if this happens not to bother coming in but simply give him a call and tell him what's happening.

I'll photograph the bicycle and post it to LJ later. I'm sorry to hear Trevor sounding so down but Trevor seemed to like the Earthrise/Earthset posting.

Back to DEN tomorrow morning....