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Public Practice Orientation program complete... - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Public Practice Orientation program complete... [Nov. 14th, 2007|08:41 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |exhaustedexhausted]

Yesterday and today I have been immersed in the National Institute of Accountants "Professional Orientation Program" which it is necessary to complete if a member entitled to obtain a public practice certificate (as I am) wishes to do so. It's also encompasses a one day "Bookkeepers Orientation Program" for those seeking a "Bookkeeping Certificate" (necessary under law for those who charge a fee for bookkeeping services and BAS (Business Activity Statement) preparation)

I was somewhat surprised to see an ex worker from the Moran Health Care empire there. He didn't say a great deal to me other than to touch me on the shoulder to make contact. He told me that Peter (who was the person I reported to prior to my sudden and unexpected retrenchment on Christmas Eve 1998) left the company 3 weeks after I did. He also told me the Moran Health care group had been sold and that Friday had been his last day with the group. He didn't indicate if he had resigned or whether his last day had been decided for him.

Moran Health Care - the Nursing Home Empire (unofficial history)..

I take no responsibility for any comments made in that summary. It does indicate there has been an injection of capital into the group.

On Tuesday I recorded and watched "4 Corners" on the ABC which covered the candidates and the feelings of people of the electorate of Lindsay (which is electorate in which I vote). I noted that John Howard has been here more than once and watched and listened to comments from people who will be voting in this marginal seat on November 24th. I noted that the Liberal candidate Karen Chijoff didn't make any speeches and wasn't interviewed and neither did the outgoing member for Lindsay - Jackie Kelly. It was John Howard who did all the talking while the soon to be "ex" Member for Lindsay and the "would be" Liberal member for Lindsay trailed behind him and said nothing. ( I haven't heard the Labor Candidate say anything either). There was video footage of John Howard's visit to the Westfield shopping centre in Penrith (where a woman got "bowled over" - see previous LJ posting)

This morning I believe it was Jackie Kelly who was at Werrington Railway Station handing out "the world is about to end if you vote Labor" leaflets. If it wasn't the Hon. Ms. Kelly the person handing out leaflets looked very much like her. I almost asked her a few questions, but decided against it. I've done enough stirring already...

The NIA program was conducted by a Chartered Accountant (member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia) who is also a member of the NIA Legal Issues Committee. He noted that a number of professionals from the other two bodies - especially CPA Australia are seeking NIA membership to obtain a public practice certificate as the NIA charge less than the other two formally recognised Accounting bodies in Australia. In fact one person I entered into discussion with was a CPA member and the Chief Financial Officer of a large corporation who has seemingly decided to branch out into public practice. He has joined the NIA as it costs far less for an NIA Public Practice Certificate which provides the same rights at law as a certificate from the other two recognised bodies (under Corporation Law).

I also had some discussions with an accountant originally from Hong Kong who has an MBA and is a member of the NIA. We exchanged cards. He is currently doing tax work for a large firm in the Mascot area but is I believe interested in starting his own public tax practice.

There was a lot in the program about ethics and responsibility and the defences against being sued - which seemingly happens fairly frequently to those involved in public practice. NIA members in Public Practice are required to hold Public Indemnity Insurance to help cover costs against potential litigation. There was also quite a bit about the NIA Quality Assurance Program - which is in itself a set of guidelines with regards to the correct way to conduct a professional practice.

Back to DEN tomorrow morning and "the doc" on Friday morning and then it's Saturday (sigh)