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Monday - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Monday [Oct. 29th, 2007|08:53 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |calmcalm]

The electricity went off [again] last night so I had to reboot computers and other stuff I use/play-around with. Fortunately (?) I noticed that the "real time" had advanced one hour so I have reset whatever clocks and watches I have to the "real time" [ Digital TV and computers including Linux do this automatically ]

I have been attempting to follow "doctor's orders" and am taking Omega 3 fishy tablets and reducing the intake of carbonated beverages.

I have been posting on censorship issues in the appropriate (and sometimes not so appropriate) places noting that Kevin Rudd has signed (or is about to sign) a deal with the Greens and other minority parties such as the Australian Democrats tossing out their preferences for the religious right.

I am back at "DEN" tomorrow. There are so many programs going on at this place that it's now difficult to get a seat for three hours let alone get involved in "one to one" communication as promised by those who make statements of intent. Don is fairly liberal with his DEN clients however but harsh as hell on those who HAVE to attend all day Monday to Thursday who have a very rigorous program to follow.

I note that certain pages on LiveJournal now feature a witch on a broomstick against the night sky. It appears the United States is approaching Halloween.

War on Halloween or tighty tights.....

War on Halloween or tighty whities?
School bans costumes after last year's scandal
BY NIA-MALIKA HENDERSON | nia.henderson@newsday.com
October 29, 2007

This year - partly because three Long Beach High School seniors last year just had to emulate Mr. Underpants in all his tighty-whitey glory, Halloween costumes will be banned from the school this week.

No Wonder Womans, no pirates, no bloody ghouls allowed.

Principal Nicholas Restivo, who was on the front lines in the Captain Underpants drama, said the incident helped cement a decision he already was leaning toward.

"Captain Underpants certainly convinced me again that banning costumes was the right way to go," he said. "As a result of Captain Underpants, I found out that we are definitely in the minority of schools that allowed kids to come in wearing costumes."

Restivo sent a letter home last week to parents and has been announcing his decision on the public address system at school as a reminder to students.

It is the post-Captain Underpants world they live in, but some students said they aren't going to let what they say is this so-not-fair ban stand without a fight. If the chubby star of Dave Pilkey's children's books can take on such adversaries as Professor Poopypants and the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies, well, they have their methods too.

They are circulating a petition, and the word is some are planning to protest by showing up in costume anyway.

"The costume ban is ridiculous," said Meghan Beck, 16, a junior who said she would nevertheless abide by the ban. "It's one thing if the school won't let us wear outfits that are revealing or inappropriate, but if it is an innocent Halloween costume we should be allowed to wear it."

But "innocent" is subjective.

One person's Satan could be someone else's hallway terror. And one person's fairy could be another's math class distraction.