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Lindsay (Penrith Werrington) et. al "A Bugger of a Seat" - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Lindsay (Penrith Werrington) et. al "A Bugger of a Seat" [Oct. 16th, 2007|12:36 am]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |calmcalm]

Back to the election. Today John Howard pulled a rabbit from the hat and promised $34 billion of tax cuts. Kevin Rudd is examining if this is fiscally viable and as a "fiscal conservative" his team will do their sums before attempting to match the Liberal Party generosity - which is calculated to draw even the sick and the lame into the workforce (according to WestPac commentary).

Meanwhile Lindsay is being described as "a bugger of a seat".

Sydney Morning Herald article on Lindsay...

Politics, as the high-profile Liberal member Jackie Kelly famously observed when announcing her retirement earlier this year, is "a bugger of a life". Similarly, as the Chaser team notes in its election guide, Lindsay is a "bugger of a seat".

Basically, three-time challenger David Bradbury must win if Labor is to gain power nationally, and newcomer Karen Chijoff, who fought the seat of Mulgoa in the NSW state elections, must win if the Coalition is to retain power.

A mishmash of new housing estates, light industry, retail centres and remnant market gardens, Lindsay is looked upon as classic mortgage-belt ballot fodder. But "Labor heartland"? Or "home of Howard's battlers"? No one quite knows.

"It's clearly a very important seat," says Chijoff, a computer analyst who worked closely with Kelly. "The ALP still think they own it. They were jumping with joy when Jackie retired."

Chijoff's opponents say she was third pick for the job: that Kelly - rudely called "Kackie Jelly" by some critics - preferred the Penrith councillor Mark Davies, and that the Prime Minister hoped to recruit Peter Mulholland, from the Panthers.

Crikey - "Lindsay - a Bugger of a Seat"...

Declared Candidates

  • David Bradbury, Australian Labor Party
  • Karen Chijoff, Liberal Party
  • Lesley Edwards, Greens

No longer "Kelly Country" after the election (sigh). I've often put "Kelly Country" into my Usenet headers. Back to DEN tomorrow. BTW: At the moment I prefer Karen Chijoff. She has two electoral offices and one of those is in upper Queen Street, St. Marys.