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Careers Meme... - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Careers Meme... [Sep. 15th, 2007|03:07 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |hungryhungry]

After I had found the username (nycareers) and the password (landmark) used by people doing the Careers (http://www.careercruising.com) "Meme" this is my result..

1. Lobbyist
2. Criminologist
3. Anthropologist
4. Activist
5. Communications Specialist
6. Public Policy Analyst
7. Political Aide
8. Writer
9. Print Journalist
10. Critic
11. Translator
12. Furniture Finisher
13. Market Research Analyst
14. Picture Framer
15. Personal Financial Planner
16. Website Designer
17. Politician
18. Economist
19. Special Effects Technician
20. Research Analyst (Financial)
21. Corporate / Commercial Lawyer
22. Costume Designer
23. Multimedia Developer
24. Desktop Publisher
25. Lawyer
26. Fashion Designer
27. Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator
28. Civil Litigator
29. Criminal Lawyer
30. Mediator
31. Actor
32. Animator
33. Purchaser
34. Venture Capitalist
35. Computer Network Specialist
36. Certified Public Accountant
37. Graphic Designer
38. Artist
39. Comedian
40. Video Game Developer

Although I have tentatively marked two in bold as "things I perform as a career" I note at the very top is "Lobbyist" and an emphasis on law and criminology - which, while most certainly not my career is something that some people may note I spend some time involved in.

I would question "Furniture Finisher" and "Picture Framer" and "Fashion Designer" I can sense elements of who I actually am in these results. There is a marked emphasis on law, politics and social sciences which are possibly areas of interest I acknowledge. I am not a CPA as this isn't the United States but the NIA (National Institute of Accountants*) has the same legal status both at law in Australia and overseas as CPA Australia (which was the "Australian Society of Accountants" when I migrated to Australia in 1970)

Do I lobby ? You bet your life I do ! Do I get paid for it ? Nope ! Is it an occupation that pays money. Most certainly not.

Although I am not and could never be a comedian I'll admit some people seem to think I have a rather warped outlook on life - so I acknowledge this as marginally "comic" along with things related to creative endeavors. Computer networking and design are things I have a humble interest in although I am now way behind the "eight ball" on these.

Tomorrow I plan to visit Kirribilli House where the Prime Minister lives. It's an open day. I view this with the same degree of interest I find in visiting places such as the New South Wales Parliament, Parliament House in Canberra and indeed the United Nations. These are places where conflicts are discussed and sometimes resolved.

I note that people around Werrington who don't know me believe I'm a lawyer. Two days ago I was addressed as "The Senator" with the person (slightly tipsy) stating (despite my poor attire) that he thought I belonged in the Parliament. He later mumbled something about what he planned to do later in the evening with one of the females he was following (clutching a bottle of alcoholic fluid).

The word began with an F.

* National Institue of Accountants (Wikipedia)..

In 1970 we were affiliated with the Australian Society of Accountants (now CPA Australia) hence the name Institute of Affiliate Accountants (IAA)