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Bob Bain

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Monday [Sep. 10th, 2007|07:36 am]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]

Monday morning. The shocking taste of totalitarianism is being dismantled. The 3 mile wall which locked residents of the City of Sydney out of their own city is being knocked down but it will take at least 5 days. Work commenced at 4 pm yesterday.

APEC security leaves a bitter taste in Sydney (BBC) link...

Apec security leaves bitter taste in Sydney
By Nick Bryant
BBC News, Sydney

"Somebody in the security operation got very carried away with their own self-importance, and nobody in the state or federal government counterbalanced them.

"It was totally and utterly disproportionate."


Prime Minister John Howard, a proud Sydneysider himself, may pay a political price for Apec, even though many of the security arrangements were put in place by the Labor-controlled New South Wales state government.

Trailing badly in the polls, he hoped the summit would boost him ahead of the upcoming federal election.

With the signing of the Sydney Declaration, a rather vague statement on cutting greenhouse emissions, improving energy intensity and increasing forestation, John Howard has gained some much-needed green credentials - even if environmentalists claim the statement is largely worthless because its targets are non-binding.

But he has also done a very dangerous thing: hosted and been the figurehead of a summit which was deeply unpopular with the residents of Australia's largest city, where his own increasingly marginal constituency resides.

There has been a suggestion that senior members of the Liberal Party may suggest openly that John Howard stand down from the leadership. With Kevin Rudd and the ALP polling at 57% the outlook for the Liberal Party of Australia is on a very groggy foundation. It has been told that John Howard may call an election after a speech in the Parliament by the Canadian Prime Minister on Tuesday. He is required to do that soon in any case. I may take a trip into the city to take a look at the mess.