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Bob Bain

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BlogSpot [Sep. 1st, 2007|04:08 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |thirstythirsty]

I have reclaimed the blogger account I set up back in 2003 and which has been dormant for a very long time. It seems Blogspot has been taken over by Google. I had to guess my password as the registration was with Shaz's soxkat domain and I no longer have an email account or web page there.

It's also possible to update Blogger items from Adobe Contribute which I acquired as part of the Adobe Creative Suite (Academic Price) package. This includes Dreamweaver (web design), Flash, Photoshop Extended and various other goodies such as Adobe Acrobat and indeed Contribute (which enables easy updating of web pages). I recently established a censorship related domain but this has fallen into the realms of dispute despite the fact there is almost nothing on it apart from some general statements of principles (based on the Australian "Code") and a few links. As it stands it won't be updated very often.

Link to No Censorship Australia (hosted in the UK)..

I have been thinking about creating a personal (professional) domain and possibly using this in conjunction with my rights to operate a Public Practice. If income is below $10,000 a year then I don't believe I have to obtain a Public Practice Certificate or Professional Indemnity Insurance. I have downloaded a lot of information and could perhaps specialise in OLAP and Database modeling for small business. Creating a business name and registering an ABN - required to open an .au domain - and using home as a base has a number legal obstacles. It seems that Australia is so enmeshed in bureaucracy that it's hard to take even one simple step without falling down a legal or taxation related pothole. It probably won't happen but I could create a personal and professional domain (non .au) with personal details on it including an Adobe PDF resume as part of a password protected page.

Link to Bob Bain's BlogSpot (not updated since 2004)...

I always found the old site hard and confusing and being old and confused old and confusing things only confuse me (sigh).

I am slow cooking some bangers and mash and resting. I need a lot of rest. I am still contemplating enrolling in one of the core subjects of the Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Investment. It is my "student status" that enabled me to obtain the Adobe Creative Suite at an academic price. It's bloody expensive to obtain it at non academic prices (phew).