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Bob Bain

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Feedback details from HIH etc.. (see previous entries) [Aug. 11th, 2007|01:48 pm]
Bob Bain
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From HIH Insurance - total details about me - two resumes compiled by myself and one reference check (as below)

Reference Check

Candidate Name - Bob Bain
Client Details - Elizabeth Spratt -HIH Insurance
Referee Details - Brian Nau, Senior Business Analyst at Goodman Fielder
Reference taken by - Damien Miller
Date Reference taken - 25/01/2005

This reference has been undertaken by Michael Page on behalf of HIH. This reference has been taken with utmost care for it's completeness and accuracy, however we can take no responsibility for errors, omissions or mis-statements by the referee.

In accordance with Privacy Act 1988 (Cwth), doe the referee consent for the reference to be disclosed to the prospective employer and the individual being reference checked ?

Referee consent for Candidate disclosure : Yes
Referee consent for Client disclosure: Yes

Description of the Candidates Previous Job

Bob was a a project analyst that was brought in to help Goodman Fielder with a detailed data analysis (within Excel) which was to given to both Brian and Senior managers for Analysis and to understand where and how the business is going

Initial comments: (on candidate, performance, skill, etc.)

Bob had the ability convert large amounts of data into meaningful reports.

Technical Ability; (Quality, reliability, accuracy, computer skills)

Brain said that Bob excelled himself with the role. He was working with large amounts of data and always improved the reporting format - create meaning(ful) reports for that information accuracy and on time. Brian rated Bob's systems skills within excel as excellent. He also mentioned that Bob had the ability to pick new systems up quickly and develop a good working understanding of them.

Interpersonal Skills:

Bob was a little introverted in his interpersonal style. He was always nice and friendly to people but viewed his role as getting the job done and not making friends. Some people would wonder why Bob would not stay and chat to them after he asked them a question but Bob has his mind on the tasks and goes about getting them done.

Planning & Organisation:

Bob's role was a project role and most of the time Brian would tell Bob at the start of the week his tasks and leave Bob to do it. Most of the time Bob got the task done in three days that would usually take 4 as he prioritises his work and doesn't waste time.

Communication Skills:

He is a direct communicator who is happy communicating with people across the organisation from finance to sales.

Problem Solving Skills:

Bob was quite tenacious when problems arose but was not afraid to ask the relevant manager a questions/advice if he couldn't solve it.

Key Areas of Strength:

1) He would take a task and run with it till it's completion. 2) Very good systems knowledge and experience.

Areas of Weakness, Areas for Development:

Bob can improve on his interpersonal skills. Brian liked the fact that bob didn't waste time chatting to different people but some thought he could have spent time talking about the weekend etc.

Reason for Leaving:

End of Project


Yes - Brian did re-employ Bob for a further contract at Goodman Fielder.

Other Comments:



Reference from Reader's Digest 18th September 1996


This is to certify that Mr Robert Bain has been employed by this company since the 29th of June 1976. During this time Bob was initially employed within our Finance Department as a Management Accountant. For the past 11 years he has been the company's Group Systems Accountant.

I have personally known Bob for the past 9 years and have found him to be a very technically competent employee in the implementation of computer systems and the development of general reporting systems in the accounting and finance functions. His strong accounting knowledge has ensured that the systems and reports developed by Bob have been precise to the requirements of the accounting and finance function. Bob prides himself on perfection.

I can recommend Bob to any employer requiring a competent Systems Accountant. If you are seeking a committed, hard working and efficient employee, who is very task oriented, the you would find Bob highly suitable.

Should you require further information then I am only too happy to be of assistance and can be contacted on XXXX-XXXX.

Yours sincerely,


Bill Hooker
Finance Manager

Originals on file. I was in a contract role (subject to a day's notice every week) to achieve tasks within an organisation which retrenched people almost every week.

Although there is a hint that I'm a "little introverted" I have also been noted as being "nice and friendly to people"

I guess I could have taken several of them into the basement and roughed them up a bit (sigh).

Perhaps that would have improved my image !