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Bob Bain

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Friday... [Aug. 3rd, 2007|03:24 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |relaxedrelaxed]

At 12 noon I sent a registered letter to :

The Privacy Officer
HIH Insurance Limited and 40 related entities (In Liquidation)
Level 22
50 Bridge Street
Sydney NSW 2000

requesting access to ALL information they appear to be holding in respect of myself, requesting full details of what information they hold, and how and when they acquired it.

From their website (mentioned in an earlier posting)...

You have a right to request access to personal information that HIH holds about you. You may also request us to correct any details that you find to be inaccurate. If you wish to make a request for access to your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer.

Individuals do not have to give a reason when asking HIH for access to the personal information HIH holds about them. They can simply ask for access to the information. HIH may ask an individual whether they want access to all the information that HIH holds about them or just some of it. If they only want some of it, HIH may ask which information the individual wants access to.


I have posted a few censorship related items to appropriate forums and have experimented with eSATA which I don't seem to be able to access using Vantec external drive boxes, despite the fact the boxes come with a SATA to eSATA bracket. The USB connections appear to work however.

There's no sign of my tax refund at the present time.