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Bob Bain

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Ubuntu.. [Jul. 5th, 2007|06:15 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |feeling a bit better...]

I have decided not to install Ubuntu Linux on the XP machine I purchased the day before yesterday and which now takes the place of the very noisy and now discarded Acer machine which refused to read disks from the CD ROM and gave up the ghost. I've had a look at the XP Media Center Edition and it's basically XP Professional with lots of free and possibly useful programs from Hewlett Packard. Support will be there for another seven years.

I have instead just installed Ubuntu Linux 7.04 on the "very slow" machine which I used to test out a cheapie version of Windows Vista Premium which "runs like a dog" on that machine. This is the machine that I used for many years and which was built locally and installed with Windows ME and which ended up being "trashed" due to the fact I'd upgraded it from ME to Windows Home and then Windows XP Professional and then it simply died under the weight of spyware and trojans.

...it's been through various installations of Red Hat Linux (see previous journal entries).

I have no problem with Ubuntu. It runs fine under a dual boot process and it's ease of use and ability to update is magnificent. Windows Vista is on the primary (80 gig) hard drive and Ubuntu is now on the secondary (80) gig drive with Grub being the boot manager. The main problem is display. The fonts and everything else displayed better on the Samsung monitor which is now attached to XP Media Centre edition I've decided to keep. Anyway it's not my primary machine. I now (for the record) have 7 computers - two in this room XP Pro and the Ubuntu/Vista Premium slow machine - 3 in the "second bedroom"/study - 1 HP machine XP Pro with Stock Data and the like - 1 HP Media Centre Vista machine and the XP Media Centre machine mentioned above.

Downstairs I have a Digitalstar "custom built" Vista Home Premium machine which can and does connect to the TV set and a fairly old XP Pro Business Machine which I used to run some database software and remote connect to this machine WERR01HP to read mail etc.. and the laptop (XP Pro) which I bought when I thought I could perhaps earn a living by becoming a roving bookkeeper. I've also been reviewing the instructions that came with ADSL2+ modem for wireless networking. When I started fiddling with it it would appear that perhaps I shouldn't have attempted to change the name from "wireless". It seems the problem has something to do with multiple CLSIDs. I also noticed in the installation of Opera for Ubuntu Linux that Opera also supports Bit Torrent downloads. It appears this Bit Torrent thing is very strong. Natually there are "instant download and installs" for Ubuntu Linux rated 4 stars in the "free software - click here to install button".

Newstart money made it's way into my bank account and I don't have to complete a Centrelink form until September.