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Bob Bain

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Update... [Jul. 4th, 2007|08:18 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |feeling a bit better]

Haven't been feeling very well. I think the doctor's certificate got to me. I am now on the NewStart Allowance (dole) and have a new Job Network member. I have to see them for "intensive assistance" Friday week. I've been fiddling around with the ADSL2+ modem attempting to understand it and set up port forwarding (and at least one internal static IP address) with bit torrent built into the GetRight download manager in mind. This took days to comprehend but after attempting various things I discovered that if I hit enough buttons it works eventually. There are instructions on setting up modems from GetRight (there are plenty of clients other than GetRight as I'm sure most people would know **sigh***) but they leave out small points such as hitting "save changes" and "reboot modem" which are sort of important. One has to fiddle with the Windows Firewall settings as well. I've also got the notebook computer attaching to the wireless network part of the ADSL2+ modem, and this works (until I attempt to change something).

Yesterday the tax office delivered the new tax pack which instead of being paper based is on a CD and called "e-Tax". Instead of filling in pages upon pages of paperwork and sending it by mail a person answers various questions which then completes a tax return, gives the user a rough idea of their possible tax refund (or payment now due) and then you fill in your bank account details enter a password and it's sent electronically to the tax office and processed by computers which will hopefully put money in my bank account within 14 days to 3 weeks.

The computer with the terribly noisy fan that I had running Ubuntu Linux gave up the ghost completely two days ago so I've dumped the computer in the bin and have purchased a silent replacement computer HP Pavilion slimline which was a bargain at the price. It's currently running Windows XP Media Centre edition but I can either replace that with Ubuntu Linux which I've come to like (long time Linux person who lost passion for the operating system) but hey this version looks as though it works, is easy to install and is user friendly and software is free..or I can set it up to dual boot.

On that note I purchased a program Blaze Media Pro but the company in North Carolina haven't sent an activation key. I've sent them umpteen emails about it and even rung North Carolina at about midnight each evening in an attempt to speak to somebody about it but there's only an answering machine suggesting people send email. Today I contacted the bank which issued the credit card and told them I want the amount (about $56) charged back to them. They have entered it as a "disputed transaction" and will be sending me forms to fill in so they can reverse the charge - which I have no doubt they will do. In the meantime I've searched for a "crack" or "keygen" for the same program and lo and behold I found a cracked version that appears to be virus and spyware free and it works ! It's Version 7.0 rather than 7.1.

Last night I attempted a couple of Bit Torrent downloads (using GetRight) for Windows OEM install disks. The first attempt which depends on the port forwarding features I've partly mastered appeared to hang the computer but within about 3 minutes I had what appeared to be a couple of .iso images for burning to CD but they were too large for Nero to burn to a CD as an image so I deleted them. It was primarily an experiment. Seemingly Bit Torrent downloads now account for about 30% of internet traffic. Boy am I behind the time. I guess most of it is music or pirated software. Don't know. It all sounds dodgy to me especially opening ports for hackers to use.

If the e-tax program is correct I should get a fairly large tax refund and the dole will cover the expenses I have for my somewhat relaxed life style.

End of rant.. please forgive the grammar and/or spelling.

I notice that Shambo the bull is to be executed by order of the Welsh assembly...