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Bob Bain

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Family Video (YouTube) [May. 4th, 2007|11:03 am]
Bob Bain
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Brother Alan - extracts from a video taken at the consecration of Bishop C. Ramon Allee 28th. May 1988. Video quality is poor. Sound levels are low.

Video taken of Mum and Dad 1992. This was the last I saw of my parents alive (together). Dad (Donald) died in 1998 and Mum (Ivy Miriam aka "Kitty") died in 2004. I attended dad's funeral in England in 1998. Location Shoeburyness, Essex, England.

Each video is about 10 minutes in length (the maximum for ordinary users on YouTube). I have done the best I could to transfer the video of Alan to DVD (It took several attempts to remove as much noise as possible - the sound levels are low). The video of Mum and Dad was recorded at the time of my visit to Mexico City and New York (1992) and it was obviously my (48th) birthday.

The URL to the video of Alan has been posted to his Starry-Eyed mailing list (Yahoo). The complete DVD transfer of Alan consecrating Bishop Allee was sent air mail to Trevor in Cornwall on Monday.