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Easter Monday - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Easter Monday [Apr. 9th, 2007|10:43 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |stressedstressed]

I reviewed my Windows 2000 machine two days ago and decided it was full of things I'd installed that I didn't require any longer and/or wouldn't use. At the same time the latest PC magazine came with a Ubuntu Linux Distribution. As this (ex) Windows 2000 machine only has a CD drive rather than a DVD drive I didn't think it would work. ( I attached a USB DVD drive to read the magazine disk ). It was then I discovered I could download a CD image and burn it and boot from CD to install.

This is being posted using LJ directly (not through a client - Semagic normally) using Ubuntu. It has wiped out Windows 2000 completely and apart from a few minor glitches installed very easily.

Ubuntu is a version of Debian Linux - the current version being called "Edgy". It's far easier to use and update than raw Debian. There's almost no "technogeek" normally associated with Linux (although it's probably there if you wan't it. To install a new program you use "add and remove programs" to see if it's in a repository. None of the APT get nonsense found in Debian (although I'm sure it's there if you want it). This is being posted using Firefox but I've also installed Opera for Ubuntu from the Opera site and other things.

 It seems to work well and is "supported" until 2008.  This is version 6.10 which means it was published in October 2006.

 I've also installed the Mozilla newsreader but haven't figured it out yet.

 I thank Jenny for the link to Cloud of the Unknowing (now housed elsewhere).

 In sorting through olde video material I have found some video of Dad Mum Kenneth and Jeanette (spelling ?) and "small children".  I've also found the three holiday videos of hols in Shoeburyness and Mexico and no doubt Ivan and Araceli in Mexico City.  I may convert them to DVD and then upload portions to the net (possibly the private section of UTube) provided  the movies haven't been manhandled at Sydney Central Police Station.  It's hard to believe but these fell into the "objectionable" video category (sigh) along with some pretty ordinary news bulletins from Channel 9 (sigh).

 My these police people know how to pick the objectionable from the unobjectionable.  Once again I have written to the Federal Attorney General to bring these matters to his attention.  He may approach the issue at SCAG this week, but there again he may not.

 Hail Ubuntu !