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Tuesday - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Tuesday [Mar. 27th, 2007|12:00 pm]
Bob Bain
The interview for the position "way out in the boondocks" didn't work out.   Ah so !

The results from FINSIA for the assignment in the Subject "Technical Analysis" were due yesterday but weren't posted to their web site until this morning.  I was contemplating a negative result given the variation between my presentation and understanding (from a "model answer" published yesterday) but I did (and I am surprised) receive a "Pass" grade. 

This leaves me until next Tuesday to bone up on the momentum indicators and the like.  I will not start digesting the trading rules in detail until tomorrow (Wednesday).  The major part of the exam will involve a study very similar to that for the assignment but with the added complication of indicators - some of which can be classed as "momentum".  There are a number of these that are used in different trading conditions and in entirely different ways.  It's this detail I need to get into my head.

This will NOT be an easy exam.

Trevor rang the Penzance number on my birthday and we spoke for quite a while.  I believe it cost me 75 US cents.  The number is confirmed as operational.  I'm heading out to Parramatta for a feed.

Wednesday to Monday is study.  Saturday I will make sure I know exactly where the examination venue is by visiting the venue.  It's not at the Randwick race course this time but in Ultimo.