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Tuesday - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Tuesday [Mar. 6th, 2007|08:48 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |sleepysleepy]

The weekend was restful. There have been two severe thunderstorms which turned the clocks off for a minute or so (that is the power went down).

Yesterday and today I am back into my studies in Technical Analysis - studying Momentum Oscillators which measure the degree to which prices are changing and which are normally plotted along with the main chart of share prices (which have been tumbling since February 28th). It's easy to see the principles. It's far far harder to identify them in a real price chart. I have now imported all major Australian Stock Exchange data from 1997 through to today into the chatring program FCharts Pro (a cheapie charting program I've had for years). This provides me with real data to play with before the exam on April 4th.

I also installed LJ Talk which is a modified version of another messaging/phone program but tailored to use Live Journal servers. I had trouble logging in yesterday but today it appears to have found me in the LJ database so I am up and running. It has it's own Skype type interface to make telephone calls via the Internet. It comes with a free .25 cents for calling out worldwide (which at $US 0.02 a minute provides 12 minutes of outside calls). I topped this up by $10 and established a telephone in number with a local Penzance Cornwall telephone number directed to LJ talk so that Trevor can ring me at local Penzance rates. The voicemail feature doesn't appear to work so I have set it so that if Trevor should ring and the computer is not on or the program is not running or I don't answer in time it will redirect the call from LJ Talk to my home telephone number. I tried this via Skype out and that works. I also rang Trevor this evening and we talked and Trevor tested the Penzance number and it made immmediate contact on my computer.

The people who run this only allow a user to establish one "talk in" number a week. I chose a Penzance exchange number. There are heaps and heaps of exchanges in many nations around the world that can be used.

This morning I studied the "job list" sent to me via Seek (a job search program) and sent a resume - got a call this morning and spoke to the agency. This afternoon the agency rang to tell me they have arranged an interview for a potential contract tomorrow morning.

Who knows ? I'm old and grumpy but who knows ? :-)