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Bob Bain

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More Photos [Jan. 16th, 2007|08:46 pm]
Bob Bain
These are more photos. In recalling Dad's side of the family I forgot Uncle Jim (Dad's brother) who migrated to the United States in the early part of the last century. The first photo is of Uncle Jim and myself and Auntie Jennie (his wife) and myself taken in Saco Maine (United States) in December 1968. Other photos are of 47 Ash Road Canvey Island (where Alan and I lived until 1948), "The Casino" on Canvey Island which Alan mentions in his biooraphical writings and another photo from Shoeburyness of Alan, Dad and Ken. The photos from Canvey Island were taken by me in the early 1990s. They are not from 1948.

Uncle Jim (Dad's brother) Auntie Jennie and myself Saco Maine USA December 1968. This is marked as the last photograph ever taken of Uncle Jim.

47 Ash Road Canvey Island. The first residence I knew and where I lived until 1948 (until I was 4 years old). It's the last house on the right. In the days we lived there Ash Road lived up to it's name. It had no paving.

"The Casino" on Canvey Island where Alan worked (part time job). This is mentioned in his biographical writings. I was surprised to discover it still intact and obviously repainted. I used to ride on the blue train there and also played the slot machines Alan refers to.

Alan Bain, Donald Bain (Dad) and Kenneth Bain. Shoeburyness.

Scroll right if the photos don't fit. I can't find the Alan / myself photo taken in Cornwall in the pile of photographs I have in a plastic bag. I must sort out the back bedroom (an absolute muddle). This and other missing photographs are almost certainly amidst the pile of accumulated boxes and whatnot's.

There is another photograph if myself in Saco in this journal somewhere. It's simply marked saco.jpg and is in the same directory as the photos above.