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Photos - Cousin Gillian / Ken Alan - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Photos - Cousin Gillian / Ken Alan [Jan. 16th, 2007|09:14 am]
Bob Bain
Referring to the previous posting here are scanned photos of Cousin Gillian (and me) and possibly Auntie Jeannie (early 1990s) and what must be a rare picture of Ken (and spouse) and Alan at Mum and Dad's flat in Shoeburyness. Pictures taken at the same visit. (earlier than 1993) - possibly 1992.

Left Cousin Gillian (one of the twins Jean and Gillian) some kids, me and (looks like) Auntie Jeannie

Left Ken's wife Jeanette - Ken Bain and Alan - all smiling.

Alan visited Shoeburyness to meet up with me. I also have a photo of me and Alan in Cornwall from Dad's funeral in 1998 but that can be posted later

Gillian looks rather oriental there. I think it must have been squint as she was/is definitely Caucasian.

It's cooler and more comfortable. I have been bothered with poor health which I hope is improving. I am plodding through the various chapters of the FINSA subject "Technical Analysis". I have covered the basics of topics 1 through 7 and am starting topic 8 this morning. There is an assignment due on February 26th (not available until next Monday) and an exam on April 4th. at 9 am. I studied indicators, oscillators and divergence yesterday.