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Bob Bain

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Relatives [Jan. 15th, 2007|09:09 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |nostalgicnostalgic]

Thanx for message, Bob. I'd be very interested to hear all your memories. However you'd like to write them. Trevor

From cousin Sandra's letter

Robert knew the Bain cousins

Dad (Donald Bain) had a sister Jeannie married to Jim Watts. In my young days they lived in a large house in Westcliffe (near Southend). Mum would quite often take me to Westcliffe to visit Auntie Jeannie. The cousins were non-identical twins Gillian and Jean who I remember from a very young age. The first time we met I was suffering from "blisters" on my feet and couldn't walk very well. I recall them taking me to the beach to watch Punch and Judy. I hobbled down to the beach. I mention the blisters as I met Gillian on my visit to the UK in 1993 (I have a photo somewhere that I might scan and upload if I can find it). She recalled the blisters. Mum told me not to be embarrassed as nobody would care and nobody would notice. It seems this was the first thing that Gillian remembered in 1993

There was another cousin in the family Marie. I believe she was possibly the son of Jim Watts but not the daughter of Jeannie. I recall Marie from her wedding. I don't recall whether I attended to wedding or not. From memory she married a "Teddy-Boy" type of person.

I might make note of the fact that Marie owes me threepence.

I recall Marie asking if she could borrow threepence to purchase an ice-cream and she told me (a very young impressionable person) that "next time I see you I will repay you the threepence". It's always been a point of contention that Marie forgot about it


Mum often used to take me to the Southend area to see the relatives. These included the Bain family at Westcliffe but also "Nan" and "Pop" who lived in a "shack" on Canvey Island. "Nan" was Mum's mother. "Pop" was Mum's mother. Nan and mum would talk endlessly over interesting tasting cups of tea. "Pop" was never well and lay in bed in the house attached to the "shack". It was always very dark in the house. I believe once or twice I saw "Pop" in better health and indeed in photographs he was much younger and virile. I sometimes moaned at visiting "Nan" and "Pop" because Mum and Nan used to natter endlessly. Mum was an excellent natterer (sigh).

We also visited Auntie Gert's house on Canvey Island (Auntie Gert being Sandra's mum) - Gertrude Lee. These were the Prebbles and/or the Hidsons. Whenever I was taken to Auntie Gert's she served up fish with a sauce I wasn't too keen on. It's from this side of the family that Cousin Audrey originates. Audrey married the chief bod of the Royal Marines (he didn't have that status when she married him) and lived in palace not far from Buckingham Palace. There's a photo somewhere in this journal of them somewhere outside Buckingham Palace. Here's a recap. I believe Audrey (from Who's Who) was a Hidson rather than a Prebble.

Mum always told me that when in Australia I should make it clear that my cousin was married to "Royalty" and lived in a palace and that my brother was a Bishop.

Dad indeed had other sisters - Jessie being one who indeed left them the flat in Shoeburyness. I have some video of the last time I saw them alive together and could possibly record this from videotape to DVD and then snap some piccies in .jpg format. I haven't watched this for some years. It has been numbered by the New South Wales Police force (this being part of "the bother" I discussed with Alan, and which Trev sometimes alludes to).

Dad had another sister Dora who I never met or knew. She was considered to be somewhat snobbish and didn't live in the Southend area from which Alan and I originated but on the other side of London (Middlesex). I recall dad sometimes phoning Auntie Dora.

On Mum's side of the family I recall Uncle Jack. He used to work at London airport as an air traffic controller and once signed my passport application (being a public servant). He went to live in Malta when he retired. I've been to Malta. I can't imagine why anyone would wish to live there. It's mostly concrete.

Uncle Jack had children. I met them a few times but living in Middlesex they weren't as well known to me as Jean and Gillian.

I recall there was an Uncle Stan (alluded to). I possibly met Uncle Stan.

Auntie Jessie (refer above) was married to Uncle Bill (Boyes). They used to live in Bexleyheath in Kent until Uncle Bill died. Uncle Bill was keen photographer. After Uncle Bill died Jessie (Auntie "My my") purchased the flat in Shoeburyness that she left to Mum and Dad when she died. I recall visiting the flat many years before Mum and Dad moved there. It may have been on the occasion of Marie's wedding (a long time ago indeed).

Jean and Gillian lived in a BIG house in Westcliffe and the family had a BIG Alsatian dog which Jean and Gillian used to take for "walks". I once took the dog for a walk myself but it was something of a hassle.

Oh. I shouldn't forget Cousin Catherine who was also part of the Watt's clan. She worked at the Bank of England for many years.

I was somewhat jealous of Jean and Gillian as it seemed to me they lived a better life than I did.

... and cousin Marie stills owes me threepence ! (sigh) :-) I officially forgo the debt Marie. You may have left this planet as many other members of the famliy have done.

That's possibly not a comprehensive list of memories by any means and I have no doubt left rellies off the list but it's all I can do for now :-) Oh. We used to travel to Southend from Rainham on a "puff puff"(steam train) of the LMS railway system - "London Midland and Scottish" until the government took it over and electrified it.