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Bob Bain

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Blessed [Dec. 13th, 2006|09:04 am]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |blessed]

Blessed (from Kent Paul Dolan - link)

Kent Paul Dolan is a Usenet personality and has sent the above to a number of people he sometimes sends things to (which sometimes includes me - and others in Usenet)

Similar statements have been made by a number of people. One observation on the radio was that if a person lives in Australia they are amongst the world's rich (however poor and impoverished they feel themselves to be) or as my cardiologist once noted "Cheer Up. You could be in Iraq".

From: Quotes by Peter Garrett (Australian Labor Party) - link

"And living in Australia I am relatively well off"

(As an ex rock musician and a no doubt well paid member of the Federal Opposition I would suggest Mr. Garrett is more than relatively well off.)

Peter and the new leader off the ALP (Kevin Rudd) are prominent members of the new-look Christian based front bench who emphasise a belief in compassion. I'm not certain they hold a mandate on compassion however.

Thanks Kent. Basic truths of being blessed (well-off) are true whether or not the message is passed on to others.. It's a bit like the woman from a few doors away who hugged me out of compassion and then told me to go around and do the same thing to others.

My only thought was - "what - and get arrested ?"

Thanks Kent: Season's Greetings, Merrie Canaries and Happy Flappies :-)