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From the Archives March 1996 - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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From the Archives March 1996 [May. 21st, 2005|12:49 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |nostalgicnostalgic]


>Places we find people :)
>What were you doing up there?

Oh.. .I've passed through before; mainly after exchanging views with "Teddy" regarding various contemplative type things; and from the home page listed there to yourself. I filched an interesting link regarding setting up web pages from one of you, although I can't remember which.

>The unit of *time* is that, the unit of length is something to do with
>atoms too, but I heard recently that weight wasn't ... hm m... should
>look it up someplace.

_All_ things are relative. Einstein said this. So even if the definitive statment of length are derived from the osciallations of hydrogen or any other element there is no proof that time or length, or indeed anything else is as now as it was.

I have been discussing this with Rod Speed in the Fido skeptic echo. He simply says "I've binned all your waffle, Bob". I've told him if he lived in the era where people believed in a flat Earth he'd believe in a flat Earth as well; condemning anyone who believed the Earth is round to the stake for heresy.

.. however Rod possibly has telling arguments from time to time; the only problem is determining quite which time this might be..

>*nodnods* I know this sort of ... I just haven't grokked it yet!

We percieve everything via an invention (created by nature) which I refer to the the HDS (Human Display System). This is a bit like VGA or Super VGA on steroids. It takes harmless data from a completely innocuous universe and displays it in pleasant patterns for dim witted humans. Some of the patterns are interesting. Suns and trees and stars... Colour is an illusion. Photons simply oscillate. Oscillation is simply oscillation. When the oscillation occurs on human tissue it creates a display invented by the brain called colour ... or color if you speak American..

>Why interesting? He's a lover of mine :)


Someone somewhere has some fancy coloured lines which are far more interesting that the HR tag. I guess they're copyright. I've been setting up a very bland Web page (!), but the server has been down for a week. I think he's finally got it up and running again, although this is something that rests with the Gods I believe...

Regards to David. He's probably still got a Paragon logon and password. Jenny never deletes users..


There's nothing particularly personal behind the tag. I find it interesting mulling through the archives. There's a reference to Jenny and the olde olde "Paragon" Fidonet Bulletin Board and I'm no doubt pondering my thoughts on vision.

I didn't find the particular item I was looking for though.