Sunday by the Sea (1953) - extract

More from Southend on Sea - I was born in Rochford (part of Southend and where the airport is).  I was 9 years old at this time and lived in Banstead Surrey (at the time of the Queen's Corronation on June 2nd 1953 ) but moved back HOME to Rainham in 1956 or 1957.

... and yes I do still have just a bit of a cockney accent (interspersed with Canadian and mostly Australian twang)

This is where I stayed in Banstead (early 1950's)

Historical Houses in Banstead

Parkside (Boys surgical Home)
The original house, erected in about 1894, was a large house built for use as a residence or for an institution, with coachyard, stable, gardens, etc. The site was described in 1896 as containing about 3 roods and 6 perches, with a road frontage of about 172 feet.  In 1891 the site was sold to a builder, William Taylor, who erected the house. In March 1896 Louise Taylor, granted a 21 year lease of the property to be used as a "Convalescent Home for Young Children"; it was set up by public subscription in or about 1896 as "The Boys' Surgical Home" for boys who from temporary physical disability were unable to attend normal schools. It appears that no proper trust scheme was set up at the time; but in 1961 this was rectified by a Scheme made by the Charity Commissioners and the title of "The Edith Edwards Home" was authorised for the establishment.  In 1984 the Home was closed by the Trustees and later the same year it was reopened with extended premises, as the "Parkside Nursing Home".
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The 1868 "UFO vision" of Frederick William Birmingham at Parramatta Australia

Parramatta is about 30 minutes from Werrington.

Published on 18 Dec 2013

Video copyright Screen Corporation Pty Ltd. Used with permission of producer and director James Vernon. This video was made as part of an early internet TV channel experiment "Banana TV" - Doug Moffet and I (Bill Chalker) presented a series of programmes in a series called the UFO Show. My personal favourite was this 2 parter featuring the fascinating 1868 story. Background to the show can be found at:

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Afterlife Interview with Charles Dickens Crimble Special

This is an alleged afterlife interview with Charles Dickens - the author mentioned in some prevous entries to this live journal.

Published on 22 Dec 2016

Charles Dickens

Alison's book release "Carry On Heavenly" ISBN 9783710326271 orders through the local bookshops in the UK and in the US or online through Amazon.

This also acknowledges the passing of cousin Sandra who provided much of the material regarding Dickens and the Blacking Factory and my ancestor Henry Worms.